Sunday, 27 June 2010

Just Desert(ed)

The hottest Sunday afternoon of the year so far and roads are deserted. I turn into the supermarket car park and draw up right outside the entrance. The cool of the air conditioning slices through me. I snatch the few things I need from the empty aisles and pass through the checkout in minutes. As I leave I notice the petrol forecourt, usually deep with queuing cars, has space at every pump.
I cross over to Fosse Park, our 'out of town' shopping centre, named in respect for the Roman legions who once tramped the Fosse Way. Normally, at half past three on a Sunday afternoon, the shopping centre resounds with the tramp of shoppers and the clash of tills. Today, only two elderly people wait in line for coffee at M&S. In the food hall, I am directed to a till where the cashier yawns with boredom.
I am interested in the World Cup. Honestly, I am. I'm desperate for England to stay in the tournament, so that I can experience more Sunday afternoons like this.Right now it's 2:1 to Germany, so come on England, help me out here! If you don't go through, I won't have another afternoon like this until the Wimbledon men's final.